Please, Don't Take Me Literally

by Kevin Kratzke

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(free) 04:15


released April 1, 2008



all rights reserved


Kevin Kratzke Los Angeles

Kevin Kratzke is a Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, actor, and entertainer.

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Track Name: Chicago Fire
Well, now we know
there's a cold wind blowing so we'll take it slow
there's a sad song playing on the radio

We'll be alright
'cause we can fit all we need inside this car tonight
and there's a filling station just beyond the traffic light

So you reach higher
and you burn like the Chicago fire
you'd rather drown inside your deep desire
than fade away but you're just so damned tired

Well, here we are
it's a cloudy night so you can't see your guiding star
but you never even thought that you could get this far

So now we'll see
and try to separate assurances from guarantees
but you'll never find your peace of mind in certainty

So you reach higher
and you burn like the Chicago fire
you'd rather drown inside your deep desire
than fade away but you're just so damned tired

So you pull close
and call the name of who you love the most
living with these less-than-holy ghosts
has had it's toll but it's no whipping post

You look to me
and try to make my face and figure out through the debris
and try to make your peace with everything that you can't see

You close your eyes
and you take away the remnants of your last disguise
and you linger in the memory of your last goodbyes
Track Name: Ain't Been Good
Took all of my money down to New Orleans
and layed it all down on aces and queens
now all that I got left is this old pair of jeans
I gotta get myself well, but I ain't got the means

because I ain't been good
Oh, the Lord and everybody knows I ain't been good

Spending all my time in cheap motels
getting a reputation as a ne'er-do-well
the way that I've been coughing, baby, I can tell
you better send me to the doctor or you'll send me to hell

Well, I've gone off course, I'm in a world of sin
fell off my horse, I can't get up again
don't know the source of what's been drawing me in
but it's a mighty force that's led me where I've been
Track Name: President
Mama, Mama, I want to be President.
I want to tell all the folks what the Founding Fathers meant.
I got a ten-point plan to rid the world of sin
and I'll tell 'em what it is when they swear me in.
Mama, Mama, I want to be President.

Dady, Daddy, won't you tell me the words to use
to let the people know that the other guy should lose?
'Cause I got me a big idea or two
and someday I'll figure out how to see them through.
Daddy, Daddy, won't you tell me the words to use.

It's a big job now, best be on our way,
we gotta get the word out before election day.
Talking ain't been working, guess it's time to shout.
We gotta tell 'em what the other fella's all about.

Mama, Mama, I want to be President.
I want to tell all the folks what the Founding Fathers meant.
I got a six-month plan to get us out of debt,
just don't anybody start counting yet.
Mama, Mama, I want to be President.
Track Name: Come Over Here
Come over here, baby, and give me a kiss on my face
Well, maybe I'm crazy, but so is this whole damned place
The details are hazy, but some memories are made to erase

Just walk away slowly if you really must walk away
If you want to know me I really don't have much to say
But I'm shattered, so show me if you're here and you'll be here to stay

Don't tell me you love me if you really want me to go
Don't hold it above me that you know the things that you know
If you tell people of me don't tell them you kept me in tow

Now, won't you agree that you've never had me on your mind
If I'll never see you again, darling, let's see you smile
I might never free you, but you let me try for a while
Track Name: Not That Kind of Girl
First she stares at her reflection in the window
then she looks out through her window at the world
I thought that I could take her anywhere the wind blows
now I'm learning that she's not that kind of girl

She fooled me with the way she smiled so sweetly
and the soft and gentle touches of her hand
I've explained it to my brain completely
but I cannot tell my heart 'cause it will never understand

That you shouldn't fall in love with a beautiful girl
who's in love with the whole wide world
but it can be much worse when it happens in reverse
and the whole world is in love with her

First she opens up her mouth and lets the words flow
then she tells me that she hasn't much to say
I thought that I could take her anywhere she'd want to go
now I'm learning that I'm only in the way

She fooled me with the way her brow would furrow
and the way she wore that simple yellow dress
I've explained it to my brain and I've been thorough
but I cannot tell my heart no matter how I beat my chest
Track Name: Let It All Burn
I woke up this morning with a suitcase in my hand
and a note I wrote to myself said "go find the promised land."
Now I'm standing here on Sunset; I don't know which way to turn.
Now I think the fire's coming, I'm afraid they're gonna let it all burn.

I can hear the whistle blowing, now the train is on the track
and it's driven by a man who's drinking from a paper sack,
and that engineer ain't stopping; no that train ain't gonna turn
They've brought the fire with them; I'm afraid they're gonna let it all burn.

Now there's dark on the horizon and the morning sun was red
All the people marching onwards are now running home instead
But they can't outrun the weather; now, when they ever gonna learn
that the lightning brings the fire; I'm afraid they're gonna let it all burn.

I woke up this morning with a pencil in my hand
and a note that I wrote said, "go fix the promised land."
Now I'm standing here; I don't know which way to turn.
I think the fire's coming; I'm afraid they're gonna let it all burn.
Track Name: I Only Want
I only want the roses to soften the wine
She never supposes you'll reach me in time
But hear how they hearken and see how they shine
And you're striking bargains while I'm standing in line

I only want the water to make up the weight
Her innocence taught her it's never too late
But feel how it's sharpened and taste how they cry
And you'll never be pardoned so you'll never try

I only want the colors to bring out the grays
You tether the trawlers and pick up the strays
But the two broken vases are crying out loud
You're just looking for faces that fall from the clouds

While I'm gone she keeps circling 'round me
Sleeping soundly on

I only want the open because I can't stand the closed
It's less than you were hoping but what she supposed
But the longest of chases and the grandest of schemes
Are lost without traces from the sweetest of dreams
Track Name: Devil's In the Details
They say the devil's in the details
They say the streets are paved with gold
They say that life is just a moment
and wisdom's wasted on the old

They say a better day is coming
They say the world is at an end
They say you better run for cover
and you'd better find a friend

Now do you hear that song
Can you dig the commotion
Are you singing along
or throwing tears in the ocean
Now is your voice all gone
or are the words all wrong

They say the time for change is coming
If you were experienced you'd know
They say they're gonna get you humming
so just sit down and watch the show

They say the spoils go to the victor
but they're all guessing on the score
It looks like everybody's watching
but ain't nobody knows what for
Track Name: Nuclear Physics
I guess I really can't blame you
I never made myself clear
but you muddy my senses
every time you draw near
and all those words that I practiced
they all start coming out wrong
so I write you a letter
and I sing you a song

I could say that I love you,
but the truth is you really don't know me that well
I'm not much of a salesman
and sometimes I know I can be a tough sell
I can't play piano, but 88 keys
seem like they might tell it better than these
six lonely strings beneath my fingertips
and the voice that's coming from this singer's lips
but every now and then the truth slips in

You focus my vision, you blot out the sky
you're nuclear fission each time you walk by
but you casue the confusion of nuclear fusion
so much is illusion, so much is a lie

I guess I should have questioned
all those signs that I read
all those tricks that my heart played
on my ignorant head
and all those words that I practiced
they never should have been thought
but I still tend to think them
Yeah, I think them alot

I could say that I need you,
but the truth is I really don't know you that well
You're not much of buyer
and sometimes I know I ain't got much to sell
I can't play piano, but 88 keys
seem like they might tell it better than these
six lonely strings, so I play them twice
so the voice that's with them can sacrifice
the melody and words that always entice me
Track Name: Take
I did a double-take when I first saw my baby
I did a triple-take when I first saw her dance
Well, she take me once and then she make me crazy
I take 25 to life 'cause I take one chance

Well, she take my money, she take my time
and she take away all the people
She might be sunny, she might be fine
but where are all the people?

Well, she take me for a fool and I guess I let her
She take my head and she turn it all the way around
She take the stage on the pedestal where I set her
and she take my pride and she throw it down to the ground

Well I met her, and she take me in
Just for a moment, she let the good begin
I should have known it right there and then
that the woman would change everything that I'd been
She take my senses and make me lose my head
She take my happy and leave me sad instead
I should have listened when my Mama said
that woman gonna take my soul
Track Name: This Old Highway
This old highway gets lonely,
but I sure like it that way,
'cause all the people that own me,
they all got nothing to say.

And all the stars up above me,
they all do nothing but look,
and they're looking so lovely,
just like a picture book.

At 80 miles per hour with the windows down,
the wind's a mighty power to wrap my arms around
The Moon in his tower shows me where I'm bound
on this old asphalt trail that tells a thousand-mile tale.

All the rocks by the roadside,
they all listen so well
to all the secrets I can't hide
and all the stories I tell.

And they'll never betray me,
no they won't tell a soul.
And they don't try to sway me,
no they don't take a toll.

With the windows down, going 80 per
the wind's the lovliest sound I think I ever heard.
Every little town is just a passing blur
to occupy my mind from county line to line.
Track Name: Train Whistle Blues
I hear that train whistle blowin', hear it from my hotel room
I think I'm gonna cry if I can't get to sleep real soon

That Union Pacific
used to be a friend so true
but now all her cryin'
just makes me think of you
and how you would hold me
before I followed that train
you know you used to bring me comfort
all you left me with was pain

I can sleep through the noises
of the company people keep
not that old iron lady
when she lets her whistle weep

I can sleep through thunder
dogs howlin' at the wind
that train sounds so lonesome
I might never sleep again
Track Name: An Unmowed Acre
Her beauty runs deep, but she hates being still
so she keeps dropping stones in the water until
the deep ocean's floor has turned into dry land.
Then she'll walk 'cross the ocean to show us we can.

So buy me all that your money will buy.
We'll sit here and count dandelions
on an acre of grass we won't cut 'til the fall
and we'll lie when we recall.

She turns to the east and she sees what remains
and she turns to the west to see what it sustains.
When she's gotten a new sense of right and of wrong
she turns to the south and she finds a new song.

Carousel horses walk regular courses
with bridles that shine like the sun.
The calliope man plays as fast as he can
but he can't get the horses to run.